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Washu r0x0rs our s0x0rs!'s Journal

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Sunday, September 17th, 2006
3:43 am - Saying hello

Hey everyone!

My name's Mir and I'm 18 years old. In all truth anime doesn't interest me much anymore(I'm more of a furre person), but the only that I continue to watch is Tenchi Muyo. In fact I'd probably dislike the show if it weren't for Washu.

She's just so..Lovable! I mean, how could anyone not love her?

So yeah. Nice to know there are fellow Washu lovers out there <3

oO Love Washu! Oo

Tuesday, May 23rd, 2006
1:03 pm


Lion In Wait
~Welcome to Cube Academy~

A multifandom RPG, all anime+game+movie characters welcome. Please do check out and join! ^-^

oO Love Washu! Oo

Friday, March 26th, 2004
10:10 pm - Hey hey

I'm Gypsy. I'm 15 and a big manga and anime fan, and I love reading, writing poems, songs, and stories, LOTR, and learning. I love and admire Washu. Her intelligence and humor is stunning. Her every sentence is genius. She commands respect. You gotta love it. It's great to see a community out here for her. ^.^

oO 1 kiss oOo Love Washu! Oo

Friday, March 12th, 2004
6:32 pm - Love ya! Washu Fans!

I love washu. Especially her quotes. I JUST LOVE HER SO BAD I WANT TO QUOTE HER SAYINGS! Here are some:

Washu:"What I think is thats no way to talk to your mother Ryoko!"

"Mihoshi: "Theres no way out?"
Washu: "Thats what im saying, you see on the ships Diagram, that goes this way and this goes that way, so theres no way out, absolutely none, no way, get it?"
Mihoshi: "Nope, I dont get it at all!"

Mihoshi: "*sobbers* So what your telling me is that theres no way outta here?"
Washu: "Where were you when they handed out the brains?"
Mihoshi: "But how can that be, you created this ship didnt you?"
Washu: "Mhm--------*long pause*--------AND THAT IS- WHY IT IS- SO PERFECT!"

Washu: "Well, Ive got all the samples I need for analysis.....AHH....exept for the most important one......"
Tenchi: "Whats with the nurses outfit?"
Washu: "Im an angel of mercy Tenchi!"
Tenchi: "Whaaa what are you doing?
Washu: "I just need some sperm samples.....its strictly medical, right? HELLOOOO!"
Tenchi: "Stop it!!!!"
Washu: "You want me to stop it?
Tenchi: "Thats what I just said!"
Washu: "Naaaa! You dont want me to stop it!"
Tenchi: "Yes, I do to oh no, uaahh!"
Washu: "Lets shake the dew off theis lilie shall we?"
Mihoshi:"Excuse me...!"
Washu: "How the hell did you get in here?
Mihoshi: "Well I came to get everyone cause everyones late but I got lost and fopund myself here...."
Washu: "This is not some place you just walk into"
Mihoshi: "So washu, whatcha doin?
Washu: "Umm, ahh, were just playin doctor
Mihoshi: "Ohh I see, please continue..."
Washu: "Oh, dont sit there, dont touch that!!!!"
**Sparks fly**
"No go away go on. Whadcha touch? No gooo awayyyyyy!"
Tenchi: "I just wanna eat!"

So add me to your friends list if ya like me....

current mood: cheerful

oO 1 kiss oOo Love Washu! Oo

Sunday, February 15th, 2004
11:34 pm
washu no one loves me anymore :(

oO Love Washu! Oo

Thursday, October 30th, 2003
1:17 pm

Hiya! Glad to see other Washu fans here. :)

current mood: nerdy

oO Love Washu! Oo

Saturday, January 18th, 2003
3:36 pm - hey i love washu too!!! (o^_^o) !

wow! a community for the greatest character in the world. what more could u ask for! there seems to be not much talk around here... how about a topic.

How many of us are going to be attending the anime convention in april, in boston? i will be there. how about comic con in san diego this july? i will also be there.

current mood: blank

oO 3 kisss oOo Love Washu! Oo

Friday, October 18th, 2002
8:51 pm - Anyone Home?

Seems that this place is dead. Anybody alive?

current mood: distressed

oO Love Washu! Oo

Friday, June 28th, 2002
9:33 pm

Love ya ^_^

oO Love Washu! Oo

Sunday, March 31st, 2002
9:53 pm - KA-POW!!!!!!

oh yeah! i just came back from meeting amanda (washu)!!!!!!!! XD!!! and she made me the funnest hat ever for my birthday! thank you amanda! she's super extra uber cool! and i was nervous and talked my head off like an idiot. ;_; hopefully next year if she comes back here for vacation we can hang out more! yay! *bounces around*

current mood: happy

oO Love Washu! Oo

Thursday, March 28th, 2002
7:43 pm - AHHH X_X!

current mood: r0x3d

oO Love Washu! Oo

12:08 pm - *sniff*

My love! You have a fanclub!*glomps onto her leg*^_^

current mood: sick, but amused

oO Love Washu! Oo

1:08 pm - o.o'

I LURV J00 MABUI-SAMA!!!!!!!!!! XP

current mood: odddddd

oO Love Washu! Oo

10:57 am

I love j00000 washu!

current mood: bouncy

oO Love Washu! Oo

Wednesday, March 27th, 2002
4:57 pm - WAI!!

*glomps Washu 987651687984654 times*

current mood: amused

oO Love Washu! Oo

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